Our Board

Legends Chess

Manu Reddy

Executive Director

Manu has started playing chess at the age of 5 and participated in individual and group chess tournaments at regional, state, national, and international levels. He won many chess tournaments both in the U.S. as well as outside of U.S including, 116th U.S. Open Scholastic Chess Championship. Manu raised thousands of dollars through go fund campaigns, conducting chess tournaments, corporate sponsorships and donated to charities, finds pleasure in serving the community in any possible way. At legends chess his passion to successfully organize the “Coach for coach’ Program to enable 150-200 Title1 schools to have chess clubs. Manu is senior in high school apart from chess he is a good dancer, thoroughly enjoys playing sports and is Varsity team Basketball player.


Board of Directors

Dave Hatton

Vice President & Founder

Dave Hatton took a liking to the game of chess as a child, but never really pursued the game.  His son, Noah, took even more of a liking and joined his school’s chess team.  After playing in tournaments for six of seven years from the age of five, Dave began to see how chess would benefit his own students.  Despite his lack skill in the game (he has never been rated higher than 1100), he started coaching his chess team in 2015.  His team has had a surprisingly strong run over that time.  His teams finished 13th of 92 schools in the K-3 division and 7th of 92 schools in the K-6 division in 2017 Governor’s Cup – only their 2nd year playing.  Coach Hatton is living proof that you do not have to be a chess master to be a decent coach.  His scholars are proof that anyone can be successful at the game of chess, if only they have the desire.

Dave lives in Phoenix with his wife. He has been a public school educator for 14 years in all, including 10 years at his current school.  He is happily ensconced as a third grade teacher.  Finally, he enjoys spending time with his extended family.



Mary Long


One never stops being an engineer!  Mary always looks for solutions to problems, and she tries to be a really good engineer so that the solutions do not cause more problems. She worked in the Microelectronics industry for many years, specializing in micro-imaging technologies that combined various chemistry disciplines with physics, especially optics. All this is essential for making computer chips, and therefore also essential for much of modern technology.

Mary is a pastor and a chaplain, still serving in various capacities at The Bridge Covenant Church in Gilbert. She is the chaplain at a senior living community and provide a chapel service and Bible study each week there.

Mary loves working with people, and she loves to read. She has tons of books!

She am excited to be a part of Legends Chess Board because she am excited about the impact chess has had on the students with whom Dave has worked, and she believes chess can prepare students for many life-impacting opportunities.

Mary lives in Phoenix with her husband, and they have two daughters and three grandsons. She would love for her grandsons to learn to play!


Julia Watson

Lifelong trainer and educator, Julia has taught communication and public speaking at Yavapai College and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, AZ.  She is a native Phoenician and has maintained connections with professionals in the Valley.  Her experience includes grant writing for public schools and training for aspiring grant writers.  Julia has been a family friend of Legends Chess Executive Director, David Hatton, since his childhood.


Lina Muñoz

As an elementary school principal for eleven years, her proudest accomplishment is raising her four amazing children with her husband Hector.  Lina is currently working at ASU Prep as the Director of Business Community Outreach and Facilities – Phoenix campus


Prateek Pinisetti

Founder of chesshelps.org, Prateek Pinisetti has found a way to raise thousands of dollars for charities as a high school student.  Prateek is also one of the top chess players in the United States, having won the grade level national championship in 8th and 9th grade.  He is currently in his senior year at BASIS Chandler.


Michelle Martinez

Michelle was introduced to the chess world when her son started playing in 2011 when he was in second grade.SheI immediately saw what a difference playing chess made in his life and wanted to become more involved in the community and bring chess to as many kids as possible. She started volunteering at local events and became a tournament director and eventually organizer. She has directed at local tournaments, state tournaments, and national events such as the National Open, U.S. Open and Elementary Nationals. She has also been a pairings chief at the National Open, as well as for many local tournaments.

In addition, she is one of the U.S. Chess delegates for Arizona and will represent Arizona at the U.S. Open.

She is also Director of Marketing and Client Relations at chesskid.com, and she works with coaches & teachers across the country (and sometimes other countries!) to help them learn how to best use ChessKid for their needs. It’s the perfect way for me to bring chess to as many kids as she can.